Anne Siri Langelandsvik

Gongmaster & GongYoga Therapy


I was born in Haugesund, a small city on the southern-westcoast of Norway. When growing up I was very much into music and singing, and played different instruments like trombone, organ and tenor. I spent many years in the local brass-band. In my twenties and thirties the interest in music was put on a hold. I took my master of science degree in Microbiology and started working in the pharmaceutical industry, got married, had two wonderful kids, got more and more depressed and as it happened I did a big leap in career and became a Personal trainer and group-instructor. My interest in yoga had evolved and I soon became a yoga-teacher. The summer of 2011 I attended the yogafestival at Ângsbacka in Sweden for the first time. Here I got to experience my very first GongBath. And what an experience it was! I was totally blown away and my long forgotten interest for music came back. 

11.11.11 I attended my very first Gongmaster training with Jimmy Andersson and Adam Svensson at the Gongacademy from Sweden. Later on I did trainings with Gongmaster Mehtab Benton in GongYoga and Gongtherapy. Since then I have played, given GongBaths and Sacred Sound concerts. In 2013 yogateachers in Norway started asking ifTor Arne Håve and I could start training others in the skills of playing gong. Since then we and I, my self, has trained over 100 people.

I work parttime in a drug-rehabilitation specialist unit in the healthcare system in Norway with physical activity, yogatherapy etc.


  • MediYoga teacher and therapist, Stress and Burnout, MediYoga Kidz teacher
  • Hatha Yogateacher
  • Gongmaster, GongYoga therapist
  • Personal trainer
  • Groupinstructor (Cycling, Bodypump, Strength and core, Pilates, Pilates reformer)
  • Microbiolgy R&D, Quality assurance R&D, Monitoring clinical studies, Product spesialist within the Cardiovascular fiels.
  • Master of science degree in microbiologi from the University of Bergen, Norway

Playing Gong

The Gongs are instruments with deep and

beautiful tones and overtones which brings the listener

and the player into deeper states of meditation,

relaxation, flow, and integration. When the Gong is played well the listener will feel safe, ancered, and held so that

him or she can let go of any fears, energetic blockages can be opened and balanced, stress released. A well played Gong is played from the heart and intuition with deep listening skills, and the Gongplayer needs

to be in his/hers neutral space.